2015: A year through my lens

2015 has been a great year for my photography and I feel like I have achieved a lot in the space of a year.  Learning new skills, building on others and making every shot count and as the new year approaches, new projects and adventures are being planned.  

Starting the new year on a high, with our daughter being born in November 2014, all I really wanted to do was stay at home with her and my wife and just enjoy every moment. In reality though, I had to get back out and continue my photographic journey. I was already in the middle of my Digital Photography btec course and still had lots to do as I had missed a couple of weeks while on paternity leave, but I got back in to the swing of things, completed all of my work and came out of it with a distinction.

Below are a couple of the images that helped me gain my btec distinction.


The early part of 2015 brought a few sales of my work and that to me is one of the most rewarding things about being a photographer.  The fact that people want to put my work on display is extremely gratifying and I hope to continue and increase my sales in 2016. Although prints will not be able to be purchased directly from my website in the early days, they can be purchased by dropping me an email with the name of the image and the size required and I will come back with a price and delivery cost.

Below are some of the images that I sold in 2015.


In January 2015, I had the opportunity, along with some other photographers from Hull to have a look around the amazing Annison Building in Hull.  The Annison Building is one of the oldest building in the city and over the years has housed many businesses and served many purposes, such as the home of the Humberside Mounted Police Force, Hull Brewery, most recently the Witham Late Night Pharmacy and probably it’s most famous, The Annison Funeral Parlour.


With its Amazing upper floor stables complete with an atrium style glass skylight and a whole host of original features, this is a truly fascinating place and is now open to the public for tours (Email for details withampharmacy@gmail.com). After my first visit, I was able to go back in both March and May of 2015 and I was later graced with having a selection of my images chosen for the new window display that was put in place for their participation in the Heritage Open Days 2015.



Later in the year I got involved in a project named Artists for the Lord Line. The aim of the project was to put on an exhibition to highlight the significance of Hulls iconic Lord Line Building on St Andrews Dock. The Building stands abandoned and derelict on what was once the home of the worlds largest deep sea fishing fleet, but after years of neglect by its owners and the local council, the building has seen better days and now runs the risk of being torn down. The exhibition would include the works of a number of local artists across a range of mediums and was housed within the Annison Building in Hull. One of the aims of the exhibition was to gain signatures for a petition to save the Lord Line Building and hundreds of people signed it. The exhibition was an amazing achievement put together by the Action for Hull Group with the aim of saving a local icon. The fate of the building is still uncertain, but our hopes are high and more information will come in 2016.

Lord Line Building, Hull


In June 2015, Myself and my friend (and fellow photographer) Tom visited the building and managed to gain access. The owners have tried to keep people out of the site, although it has no security fence and poor shuttering at the doors and windows and this means that regular break-ins over the last few years have seen an increase in damaged to the building, lots of graffiti and even arson attacks. We went with the sole purpose of getting in and documenting the building and surrounding site, so that if it did get demolished, future generations could see what became of a once important part of the city’s fishing industry and a huge part of it’s heritage.

Below are a few images from inside the iconic Lord Line Building in Hull.


In October I had the opportunity to use the Annison Building in Hull as the location for a full day of photo shoots and I had the whole of the building at my disposal. I spent a large portion of the day doing private family shoots and portraits, but I also had two well known locals booked in.

The first was Tarina Duffield, aka Hull Harley Quinn. Tarina is a local Cosplayer and model with many other talents and huge range of movie and comic book characters that she portrays with her amazing costumes that she creates herself.  After a few messages before the shoot to discuss which character she was going to come as, we decided that as it was Halloween, she would come as ‘Zombie’ Harley Quinn.

Zombie Harley Quinn


Friendly from the moment she walked through the door and fantastic to work with, the shoot went brilliantly. Tarina’s experience in front of the camera was great and made for a very easy going shoot and as professional as she was, she still made it fun and I think I can say with confidence, that we both had a great time and I would love to work with her again in the future.

Below are a few of the images from my shoot with Tarina.


The second was Jack Conman, a local singer/songwriter. My first encounter with Jack was at a private party for the company I work for and I was instantly amazed by his musical talent and have become a big fan of his work. During Freedom Festival 2015, My wife and I, along with our then nine month old daughter went to see Jack perform on the Saturday and as I don’t go anywhere without my camera, I though I’d take a few shots. A couple of days later, I was very pleased that Jack had chosen to use one of the shots that I had posted online as the cover photo on his Facebook page.



Jack’s fantastic guitar techniques, stunning vocals and songwriting ability have produced some amazing music and with songs such as ‘Bleed all my blood’, ‘Suppress the rest’ and his latest offering, ‘Misty Central’ it is easy to see that Jack is definitely one to watch.

Below are some images from my shoot with Jack .

Jack’s EP Euphoria Springs will be released on January 22nd through Warren Records. For more information and tour detail go to Jack’s website http://www.jackconman.co.uk


Along with all of the above, I had an amazing 2015 and if I wrote about it all I might as well write a book. I had some great days out including a walk around s, East Yorkshire on New Years Eve, a week in Cornwall with my family, a trip to Fountains Abbey, Freedom Festival…well, there’s to much to list, but to top it all off, I have watched my daughter grow over the space of the year including her turning one.

Below are some of the images that I have taken throughout 2015.


2015 was great and I would like to thank every one that has supported me. My amazing wife and family, all of my friends and those who follow, like and share my work on social media and to all of those who have purchase my work. Thank you all and here’s to an amazing 2016.







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