Instagramers of Hull first Instameet – St Marys church, Hull

The date was Saturday the 5th of February 2016, the venue was the fantastic 14th century, St Mary’s Church on Lowgate in Hull. This was the first Instameet for the Instagramers of Hull (@igers_hull) and Reverend Paul Burkitt was going to be showing us around this amazing building.

After getting stuck in traffic, I arrived late and as I walked from the near by multi story car park, I noticed that the group were starting to make their way back out of the main entrance and gathering on the footpath that runs underneath the fantastic 17th century bell tower (rebuilt in 1697 after the previous one collapsed). The group had already had a good look around the church and I was reassured that we would be going back in, but it was time for us to climb the very narrow spiral staircase and our first stop was the gallery that over looked the whole of the inside of the church. The gallery had some nice features including, books, plaques and an amazing stained glass window.


The next room up the tower was the ringing room. A rather small wooden door on the north side of this room allows access to the roof and one by one, we stepped out. The wind was a little strong, but not enough to discourage us, so we all got on and tried to capture as many images as we could before the wind got worse.

While I checked the roof for the best spots to shoots from, I took a few shots with my phone, including the shameless selfie below.


The sky was very disappointing and had very little to offer, but despite that, I decided to have a go at a long exposure. After waiting for a space to line up my shot, I realised that the other people on the roof were going to get in my frame, but after taking the image using my Haida 10 stop filter, their movement created the usual ghosting effect and I thought this worked well with the image.

Ghosts on the roof


Now, I have no affiliation with any religion, but I really admire the work that goes in to church buildings. The design, the sourcing of materials and the craftsmanship, that when put together, create amazing buildings like this one.  When I think about the period in time in which St Mary’s was built, I can’t help but think about how difficult the construction of this building must have been.

After a while on the roof, the wind started to pick up a bit and we were advised to make our way back in to the tower. When we all got back in, we had some time left, so we made our way back down the spiral stairs and back in to the church.


I would like to thanks Alan Raw for organising this meet and all of the other Instagramers that took part. I would also like to thank Reverend Paul Burkitt for his very informative guided tour of St Mary’s. I’m looking forward to the next @igers_hull Instameet.


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