A day at Fallings Foss with the Dickies Portland shirt

On Sunday the 17th of April, I went up to North Yorkshire with my good friend Tom Adamson (www.tomadamsonphotography.co.uk) to do some photos around Falling Foss and May Beck and I was kindly supplied with a Portland padded shirt by Dickies (workware) to take on my adventures.

The day started off with us on the Yorkshire coast watching a poor sunrise, but we still had a go at a few shots. It was a cold start to the day, but then it was about 5:10am when we got there. After a brief shower brushed the beach, we got a couple of shots and then set off the the moors.


We got to Falling Foss at about 6am and after a quick bite to eat, we set off down to the bridge over May Beck. The sun hadn’t made its way over the top of the valley at this point, so it was a little cold, but thankfully the Portland shirt that Dickies had supplied me with, was doing a great job of keeping me warm.


The Portland shirt is a great alternative to a jacket and providing it’s not raining, it will be used on all cold or cooler days when I’m out with the camera. It’s light and has an ample amount of pockets that fit things like my filters and gloves and if I do get caught in a rain shower, I always have a small rain coat rolled up in my camera bag.




To conclude, the Dickies Portland shirt is a great piece of kit and although it’s probably not though of as normal photography clothing, it certainly works for me and it will be well used on my adventures

Big thanks to Dickies for suppling me with it and keep an eye out for it on my future posts.



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