Saal Digital – Photo Book Review

Producing a photo book to use as a portfolio isn’t something that I had ever thought about doing, as I have always used my social media platforms and my website were my work can easily be viewed by anyone, anywhere. A friend told me about Saal Digital and that they were offering test books to be reviewed, so I applied to their product review service and was very happy to be selected.

The process of putting the book together was very straightforward and design software is very easy to use. The software has a great selection of layouts and styles, giving you the option to have one or multiple images on each page. The books are produced with lay flat binding as standard and although I didn’t take advantage of this, it is a great feature and I will be using it in the future.


Here are a couple of screenshots of the design software as I was putting my book together.
saal 1

saal 3


I have a rather varied portfolio and although I tend to favour Landscape photography, I don’t stick to just one style, so I designed my book to show off examples of my Landscape, Urbex, Light painting and Portrait photography. The hardest thing was choosing the images to put in. Once I had selected and arranged the images I had to choose the layout. I chose the A4 landscape format with gloss pages and after a few changes I went with a full image wrap on the cover. Being able to take part in this review process was great, but I made it a little bit difficult for myself. The voucher that Saal send out is valid for two weeks and this should be long enough for anyone to put a product together, but I had cut my time in half due to going on holiday, so I only had a week to get it done. To speed up the process, I decided to just go for full page images, and as much as I like the way it looks, I wish that I had the time to play about with some different layouts.



The quality of this book is amazing and I am now going to be producing a new porfolio photo book every year. I will definitely spend more time on the next one and I think I’m going to go for the A3 landscape verison next. The colours and tones in the images are fantastic and I’m very happy with how they have been reproduced in the book. The paper quality is great and as I stated before, the books comes with lay flat binding as standard.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this product and will definitely be using Saal again. The quality of the product is spot on and the production time, packaging and delivery is just as good. I placed my order on a Sunday and although I was away on holiday, it arrived on the following Friday.

I will definitely recommend Saal Digital to anyone who is in the market for a great quality photo book and I look forward to using them again soon.





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