Saal Digital Wall Art Review 

As a photographer, I’m always on the lookout for that “perfect” product to have my images put on to and with Saal Digital’s Alu-Dibond, I think I’ve found it. 

When I signed up to do a Wall Art review for Saal digital I had no idea which image to use, but as I’m from Hull and we’re celebrating being the UK City of Culture, I thought I should use a local image. I looked though my recent images of Hull and one jumped out. I chose an image of one of my favourite buildings in the city, The Deep. This large aquarium is an amazing peice of architecture and a building that I have photographed many times, but this is my favourite shot that I’ve taken of it.

When the item arrived, the first thing I noticed was just how well it was packaged and that a lot of care had been put in to making sure it got to me without getting damaged in transit.

After carefully opening the packaging, I took my first look at the product and I was amazed at how good this image looks on Aluminium. I chose to have this image printed on Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish as I wanted to have a brushed, fine art finish to the product. I’ve had it printed on fine art paper before and that looks great, but this looks amazing! (Images don’t do it justice) The slight texture of the Butlerfinish and the way the colours look are absolutely fantastic and the image looks very sharp. This process has managed to keep all of the detail and colour of the original image and if I’m totally honest it has made it look better. The reflections give it a very realistic feel and the clean cut aluminium has a very modern look about it. I chose the mounted sub frame for this product as it makes the work stand off the wall adding to that modern look.

If you are looking to take your printed work to the next level, I would seriously recommend using Saal Digital as their product quality is amazing and the turnaround from date of order is only about four days to the UK from Germany and when you’re ordering prints for resale, that’s fantastic! I would also like to say that they have a great customer service team that will help you through any issues you may have. 

Great company, great products!



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