Sunset with my new gear

So last night I decided to make a last minute run out to shoot the sunset. I felt that I needed to get out as last weekend I purchased a selection of new lenses and a LEE filter system (finally) and have been itching to get out with it all. 

I chose a location that was very close as I didn’t have time to drive far and I have been meaning to shoot over a local barley field for some time. It only took ten minutes to get there, giving me a little bit of time to get set up and compose my image. I was rather excited setting up as this was my first time shooting with my new Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 lens and my LEE filter system that I’ve been waiting for quite some time to get my hands on.

The sun was coming down quicker than I had anticipated, but I got set up and compose my image just in time. I got one looking towards the sun over the barley field, one looking a bit further west with a telegraph pole in the shot and after the sun dropped behind the horizon, I shot another, but converted it to black and white as the colour faded rather quickly. 

I’m really happy with the images I came away with and glad I got out with some of my new gear. I will hopefully be out at a more impressive location this weekend with the possibility of creating a few varied images.  

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting blogs more frequently and I’ve got some new exciting projects coming up very soon. 


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