Day 3 was an insane day of shooting starting at 4:00am and we set off for the West of Iceland to shoot some more of the iconic location this place has to offer. We packed all of the gear in the car and set off on the long drive West.

We made a quick stop on the way to stretch our legs and befriended lovely Icelandic horse. 

We arrived at Kirkjufell and as we made our way to the vantage point above Kirkjufell Foss the weather turned and we got a bit wet, but we powered through and I’m confident that I got the shot I wanted.

The weather didn’t get better, so we decide to move on and drove to the black church on the South coast of the Snœfellsnes peninsula. This was a location that I was really looking forward to shooting and it didn’t disappoint the the black building set on a bed of vivid green grass with the mountains in the back ground just looked great. This is a big tourist attraction, so if you go to shoot It, you will have the work around them. 

Our next stop was the sea arch at Arnarsapi. We stopped on the way as we spotted a derelict building off the road and This would prove to be a very useful location later that night.

The sea arch is an fantastic coastal feature and made an interesting composition. On the way back to the car park we had a go at shooting Magic Mountain.

We stopped for a bite to eat here and then made our way back to Kirkjufell for sunset, but it was absolutely packed with tourists and other photographers and we then noticed that the sun was in the wrong location, so we turned around and headed to a waterfall that I didn’t catch the name of. 

We finish up at the fall and decided to head back to the derelict house we stopped off at earlier, but rather than take the normal route, we took an F road that ended up taking us up over a dormant volcano. We drove right passed the snow caped peak and some mini glaciers. This was one of the most epic experiences I’ve ever had. 

We dropped down the other side of the volcano and got back on to the main road and drove to our location for what would be a photogray goal fulfilled for all of us.

We went to the derelict building with high hopes that the aurora borealis would show and we weren’t disappointed. They started off faint, but rabidly grew to an amazing display that none of us will ever forget. 

We got back in at around 2am all feeling very pleased what we had actived and rightl so. 

Day 4 is a rest day that we definitely deserve, but we may be out for more auroras if the weather plays ball,sm so stay tuned for an update and for tomorrow’s blog. 


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