Day 5 started at 5am and we set off East along the South coast as we’re spending the night in Höfn and making a few stops on the way. We were going to have another go at Skógafoss, but stopped off at Seljalandsfoss instead 

We had a nice surprise of a flat tyre when we got back to the car and then noticed That the spare was also flat, but a short wait and the recovery guy turned up to sort the tyres out and we got back on our way. 

We had planned on going the crashed US plane near Vík, but we still had to visit Jökulsálón glacia beach and lagoon and get to Vestrahorn for sunset, so we set off on the long drive across the country.

We arrive at Jökulsálón beach and as soon as I got set up the rain came in an put a stop to It, but thankfully it didn’t last long and we got to capture some images and watch some seals swimming around in the key sea. 

This location was fascinating to say the least and we hope to go back tomorrow for another go providing the conditions are Okay, so I may have more images from here.

When we finished up at Jökulsálón we checked in at our hostle, dropped our overnight bags off and set off to Vestrahorn. This amazing mountain range sits right by the sea and when the conditions are right, it looks phenomenal. Unfortunately our visit was full and wet, but fingers crossed for tomorrow as we should be making a return visit. 

We fished up at Vestrahorn and straigh in in in to Höfn for something to eat and found this amazing pizzeria called Íshúsiđ that serve the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

We went back to the hostle and got our heads down ready for tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for Day 6.


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