Day 6 and after a night at Höfn Hostle we had another early start and we went back to Vestrahorn hoping for better conditions than last night and we weren’t disappointed. The sunrise was great and put some lovely light on the mountain and we had some great cloud coverage for some king exposures. After a while the rain started and we bailed back to the car and set off for a second go at Jökulsálón beach. 

Our second visit to Jökulsálón Glacia Beach was better than the first too and I got a couple of shots, but I decided I’d make a little video using the drone. You can find the video on my YouTube channel by following this link 

Once again the rain came down and we moved on.

We didn’t have to rush to any locations now, so we stopped for a well earned coffee brake at a local service station. These places are great of your driving around Iceland as they serve hot food and coffee at a reasonable price. 

Next we decided to head back to shoot the sea stack at Vík beach, but this time from the East. It stopped raining and we set off to the beach and although the light was a bit too harsh, I think I got an image from this visit. .

When we arrived at Vík we notice the Voyage statue that is one of two, the other being in my home town of Hull in the UK. The pair of statues symbolise strong links and years of trading between Hull and Iceland. 

From Vík we set off to one of the locations I was most looking forward to shooting…the plane wreck. The US DC3 Douglas plane crash on the beach in 1973. It ran out of fuel (or so they thought) and had to make an emergency landing on the black sand beach at Sólheimasandur In the South of Iceland.

If you visit the plane wreck, be aware that it’s a 40 minute walk (depending on how fast you walk) from the car park and if it’s anything like our visit, it’s full of tourists. I was rather lucky to get a shot of this with no one in it. 

The wreck was out last stop of the day, so we set off for our apartment in Reykjavik, had a couple of beers in the town and back for a good sleep. 

Today (Friday) will probably be the last day of photography and we will just spend tomorrow chilling out and enjoying our last day in Iceland. 


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