Merrell MQM Flex Hiking Shoes


I’ve been a fan of Merrell footwear for a long time and I’ve been using them for some years now, but this year I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Merrell UK and had a pair of their MQM FLEX hiking shoes sent out for me to check out. Now I don’t usually wear lightweight footwear for my outdoor adventures, I generally opt for big, heavy boots, but I have to say that the difference these have made during the summer months has been amazing! As a landscape photographer, great footwear is an absolute must have and these fit the bill perfectly. They’re super light, supportive, extremely comfortable and allow me to move about a lot better and with the brilliant weather we’ve had in the UK this summer they’ve had tonnes of use. So far, I’ve taken these on woodland hikes, coastal hikes, they’ve been up hills, down hill, though rivers and scrambled rocks to find waterfalls in North Yorkshire. I plan to wear these until the weather tells me otherwise and then I’ll revert back to my big boot, but until then, I look forward to getting a lot more use out of them.

I plan to do a full review of these in the next few weeks, so look out for that and I’ll be out shooting a lot more as we move in to Autumn, so I’ll be posting more images and more about them as time goes on.

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