Saal Digital Wall Decor Product Review

I recently took part in a Wall Decor product test with Saal Digital and I decided to check out their high resolution Alu-Dibond products. I took quite a bit of time to decide on an image to have produced, but I finally went for an image from my favourite place in the world…Kynance Cove in Cornwall, UK. I had last visited this wonderful place last year and have been many times over the past few years, but have never managed to get a decent shot of it. On this occasion, I got there for sunset and the conditions were very good, although rather windy. The water is incredibly blue around these parts and the cove has wonderful white sand beaches, the cliffs are made up of dark green and red serpentine rock and are topped with lush green grass. All of these elements make this place unbelievably beautiful and the addition of the setting sun made it that little bit better.

I’ve used Saal for some of my printed products over that past couple of years and I’ve always been very happy with their products. I’m very fond of this image, so I wanted the Alu-Dibond to do it justice and it didn’t let me down. The image reproduction is spot, it’s sharp and the colours are rich. The matt finish works very well with this image and the clean cut edges gives a very modern gallery style feel.

The free downloadable production software that you use to create your products from Saal is brilliant! It’s very easy to use and is pretty straight forward for prints and wall decor products. It allows you full control of what you’re ordering, but really helps when ordering things like photo books and calendar as you get see the product being created in front of you. I have had one photo book and plan to order another very soon and it makes the whole process very simple.

There are a few options for hanging your product including Standard Mounts, Aluminium Subframe and Standoffs. I chose the Subframe as it gives the impression that the print is floating off the wall and is very quick and easy to put on the wall.

The range of sizes on offer are brilliant, but if none of the standard sizes suit your needs, Saal print custom sizes where possible and the products are packed with great care and shipped in great time.

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